Wednesday, 13 April 2016

England to Beijing

It's exactly 1 year and 7 days since me and my other half, Kyle, decided to go on our adventure, and it still doesn't feel real. At first it was like I'd taken a bit of time off to chill and visit family, but since a few Monday's have now gone by that feelings changed. Now, it's like I'm going on holiday with the inconvenience of a backpack rather than a wheely suitcase. 

I'm sure that will all be different when we arrive in our first destination, China, and stay in our hostel...which thankfully comes with a private room. The reality will also hit when I have blisters from not wearing in my walking boots and I'm half way across the Great Wall of China (can you walk half way in a day?), and Kyle looks like a bukeroo balancing my bag on his back and his own.

Speaking of bags, my backpack decided to break yesterday. You know when a zip does that thing where it gapes in the middle, like it's saying hello or in this case, fuck you? yeah well that happened, and I was fuming! We waited with baited breath for the pre 12 delivery of a new one today, my work pals know how unreliable that can be! 

Now, we have matching bags, along with coats, though mine is much better in Caribbean blue and with a minion badge on the side.

I'd just like to say one last time, thank you to everyone for the effort you've made to wave us off and the support you've shown, especially my mum, whose been brilliant! Thanks Hubbard!

After 9 injections, numerous shopping trips and an emergency backpack we're finally heading to the airport hotel now, I don't think I'll sleep for excitement. First stop Beijing not Berlin, I now know that's not in China, arrival time 7am China time, 11pm for you guys! 

Speak soon from China, with the pandas.....buzzzing!

Love Carrie xx