Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Week 37 - A very Welly Christmas

I slept like a baby during our first night back at Kym’s, it was nice to finally have a comfy bed, peace and quiet and the ability to stretch out…oh and warmth! After a quick-ish Skype call to my dad it was time for a bit of pampering with Kym. My eyebrows needed some serious work, I’d gotten lazy before I left York and never did them myself so for the last 8 months (bar that one wax in Australia) I’d been butchering them. Thankfully, the eyebrow lady managed to save them and if I leave them alone they’ll soon be looking like sisters again, instead of second cousins twice removed. Next on the agenda was alcohol shopping for Christmas, somehow I don’t think 9 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of vodka, some punch and 3 crates is going to be enough for 6 of us……

We’re starting to think that all it does in Welly is rain, Kym tries to tell us that the weathers been really nice when we’re not here but I don’t know if I believe her, so a wet afternoon was spent watching the Towie Christmas special. This left me in a festive mood and desperately needing to put a scarf and gloves on, head to a Christmas market and drink a mulled wine. I was shit out of luck as there are no markets and no mulled wine, and I definitely don’t need to put winter accessories on. The only Christmassy thing to do was drive around peoples houses looking at Christmas lights, I think I’m good for that thanks.

Kym knew the score on Christmas Eve, with cheesy Christmas songs blasting in the background Kym and Kyle did the Christmas baking (in festive hats), whilst I wrapped presents for the kids.  I even appreciated some good old Buble this year! After all the baking was done we could finally make our way into Wellington for some festive drinks or 10. I’d love to be able to tell you about the evening but unfortunately I can’t remember much, which is always a good sign. Though I do know that the bars which we visited were fairly quiet but pretty nice, some even had live acts on…including a guy from Ireland who was good and played plenty of Christmas songs. My hearts still breaking over the missing mulled wine. 

I was shocked when we were able to get both a bus and train home past 11pm, and even more surprised when we managed to continue drinking till 2am once we were home. Kym and I did enjoy reminiscing over our old favourite songs and memories of Leeds festival.

Christmas day was a struggle for both me and Kym, although I was up long before 2 in the afternoon, we didn’t see Kym until then unless she was visiting the toilet. I’ll give her some credit mind, she managed to make it to Dave and Lorraine’s with a smile on her face, she did let the side down when she didn’t come to the park and left me running around and sweating profusely. I nearly had a heart attack when Isla wanted me to slide down the fireman pole and do a lap of the field, so I just got “stuck” in the slide instead. It was nice to walk round the neighbourhood and see all the families enjoying time together, there were plenty of BBQ’s, lots of laughter and a hell of a lot of loud music. Christmas felt like real Christmas when we got to watch the kids open there presents round the tree, all three were so grateful for each gift they got, and it made us all laugh when Isla got over excited about her copy paper and not the finger paints that came with it.

After a BBQ in the sun and a buffet big enough for all of Porirua, which included pigs in blankets, we headed down to the beach. It was a shame that it was fucking freezing by the time we got there, the boys were crazy enough to swim in the sea whilst us girls sat on the rocks wrapped in towels….it’s safe to say that the trip didn’t last long. To round up the Christmas antics it was time for a game of pie face, Kym was the first victim and was blinded by whipped cream, next Dave and then Isla…though it didn’t go down to well and there were a few tears. I think if it had of been me that got it, I would of cried too. 

Boxing day was a belter, with the sun blaring and Matt’s ultimate driving playlist we headed to Pukerua Bay. I was looking forward to some sunbathing but Isla had other plans, so whilst Lorraine and Kym made the most of the good weather I was left paddling and playing on the bodyboard in the freezing cold sea, personally I thought that Kyle should have taken over, but him and the lads had gone off exploring for a less rocky bit of beach for a game of frisbee…thanks boys. After a sausage sizzler (a hot dog to you and me) we went to the beach music festival, and I was pretty impressed with the set up. A small stage at the base of a hill had some good bands playing, whilst plenty of people relaxed on bean bags and camp chairs watching, beats a cold Boxing Day any day for me. 

Now buses and trains operating and shops opening on Christmas day was unusual for me, but what really made me laugh and took me aback was the topless policeman cruising around the beach on Boxing Day, with his colleague chilling in a bikini. Upon seeing us laughing he pulled over to let us know that it was casual Monday, don’t think you’d see that anywhere else. I’m just hoping that he didn’t get called out to make any arrests without his shirt on.

No festive season would be complete without a few boardgames, so we rounded up Boxing Day with a few glasses of wine, a game of Cluedo, Guess Who and dice bowling, which I only went and bloody won, about time hey?

After a day of binge watching Sherlock with interludes of Hunt for the Wilderpeople and The Gilmore Girls (ok, the last one was just me), we were feeling a little lazy so it was only right that we went to another beach today. Lyall Bay is located right next to Wellington airport and is the number one surf location in Wellington, which was evident when we arrived there were wetsuits, boards and bodies everywhere. It took Kyle all of 10 minutes to decide that he wanted to have a bash and catch some waves, it’s just a shame that the surf rental place was closed. Kyle was a little fuming but I enjoyed the views of the ocean, watching the planes storm down the tiny airport and I still get a laugh everytime I read the welcome to Middle Earth sign. It’s just a shame it was so cloudy, apparently you can sometimes see the South Island from the beach and the odd Orca whale if you’re really lucky. 

This evening Matt, Kym, Kyle and I played Brits abroad with our fish and chips down at the windy beach…they still weren’t up to UK standards but were a damn sight better than the last lot.

So there you have it a brief over view of Christmas in Wellington, well ours anyway. It was different, but i definitely wouldn’t change it for the world and I can’t thank our friends enough for letting us enjoy it with them. Though I am hoping that if we’re here next year that at least one of us remembers the mulled wine. Next stop….New Year!

Love Carrie xxx

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