Sunday, 16 April 2017

Week 52 - Blackpool, England

Blackpool for me as a child was always a favourite weekend destination. I remember pestering both parents to take me there every Saturday, whether it was just for a trip to the arcades or a day at the Pleasure Beach I wanted to be there. Now our visits to the famous seaside town take us to visit Kyle’s family. Pulling up to Kyle mums, Wendy, is always the same, she waits in the window until we pull up and comes running out to the car, only this time it was like she’d been waiting at the door…I’ve never seen her move so fast to give us a welcome back. After a catch up and a brew it was on to Kyle’s nana and grandads house, this was the first time that we’ve realised how much things can change in a year. As grandchildren you think that your grandparents are indestructible, so when illnesses come it can hit you pretty hard. Thankfully, Irene and Watty are the amazing, funny people I’ve come to know and love and aren’t letting anything get to them or change their senses of humour. Sitting with Watty, we got to learn about his gangster past back in that old London. Though he wouldn’t give us the detail Kyle and I craved we both know he was a real Peaky fucking Blinder. One day I’ll get that detail and write a book for you all to read, I’m sure he won’t mind.

Our week also contained a first, after 9 years our mums finally met. It’s a shame that a trip to the pier was ruined by the typical English weather. It’s been April showers and wind galore in good old Blackpool this Easter. Instead we had a meal and shopping trip, where dragging the mothers out of Primark was a bigger challenge than walking the wall in China. Mum also got to meet Irene and Watty, and as first meetings go I don’t think it could have gone any better…..both grandparents also censored their language for the occasion, I don’t know why, mum can swear with the best of them. 

Shopping in Blackpool was a bit of a shock, though they’ve made a real effort with the front the rest of it could really do with some work. The streets are dirty and lined with dog poo, a real shame and something that worries me for the rest of our return in the UK…is it all going to be like this? Or does Blackpool council need to up their game? Though I will say that you can’t beat good old Blackpool B&B hospitality, checking into Sunnydale hotel for the weekend we were greeted by two of the nicest owners. You know the type, the ones that always win Four in a bed. The room came complete with a hospitality tray and those little milks in cartons, and there was a dining room slash “lounge” downstairs. But my favourite part of staying in a seaside B&B is the fry up in the morning, you’re always guaranteed to be served the best British bacon, and after a year without it, this bacon was much appreciated.

Kyle was over the moon when his Uncle Stewart came to visit with his wife, Sharon, and boys Tommy and Ryan. I was buzzing too as it meant a trip to Coral Island and a few goes on the 2p machines and arcade games, and for a child thats spent half his life in Blackpool I can tell you that Kyle is pretty shit at arcade games.  A family meal with 15 of us and discussions of anal beads could only be had with this bunch, and you wouldn’t change them for the world….Blackpool might not be my favourite weekend destination anymore, but as long as this lot are there, we’ll still keep on coming.

So with most of our catch ups done its now Yorks turn and the return “home”.  We’ve got plenty of people to see, appointments to make and still many decisions to make. I don’t really know how I feel about being back in York yet, I can’t wait to see the rest of the family and catch up with my friends, but it sort of feels like this is the actual end of adventures. We’re back where we left off and shits got to get serious…..where’s my backpack? 

Love Carrie xxx