Thursday, 8 February 2018

I’m Just a Girl

I’m just a girl…..


A recent episode of Peaky Blinders got me thinking, what has changed for women in the last century? Resulting in an interesting conversation with my mum, who’s not that old by the way, but knows a thing or two thanks to my nana and her gran.


I mean, imagine not being able to go to the pub alone and having to make sure you were escorted by your husband. I know myself and the girls in the office would find this impossible, we’re partial to a bottle of fizz on a Friday! Mind you some of the bars in York could adopt this policy on a weekend, that would reduce the massive onslaught of hen parties in our favourite establishments. 


Another issue, just think not being able to get a credit card unless you were married and your husband was willing to co-sign. This I think is ridiculous! Especially, when you combine it with the fact that most men waned their wives to stay at home. How were they supposed to do the weekly shop with no credit card? Pay the bills down the post office? Talk about contradiction.


We all know about the voting situation, so I won’t go into too much detail. But we all should take the opportunities that we’re offered when it comes to voting, otherwise surely the suffragette movement was a waste of time.


Something which is still the same but not as openly advertised is differentiation in salaries. At least way back when they had the balls to say if you work here as a man you’ll get paid way more than a woman doing the same job. Now, you only hear about these things if someone walks out of a job over gender pay. I don’t really understand how this is legal, or who gets to determine why said man is worth more than said women…salary should be determined on role, and ability, not what sex you are.


I’m lucky enough to work in a place where “-isms” don’t matter. Nothing is about age, race or gender, we simply just roll with who has the best idea.


“Why do women have smaller feet than men….so they can get closer to the sink”




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